Prove it Wrong

Prove it Wrong is an adventure game that focuses on the life of Marcel, a boy who dealt his whole life with the prejudice of not being able to adapt the new technology that is supposed to improve the memory, concentration and learning abilities. When reaching his adulthood, Marcel is forcibly taken away from the New World, a city that has taken control over the world thanks to its technological advancement. As no one from the city could ever go outside, he struggles to stay alive to explore what has been hidden from humans for centuries. Was this the right decision?


The main focus of this game is the storytelling. It is made in RPG-Maker VX Ace and still in progress and our goal is to make an unique experience due to interesting artstyle and many branches.
This game will also be ported from RPG Maker VX Ace to the newer version MV.
New informations will come soon!

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