Destiny Leak

“What is this world about?
We aim for goals, search reasons for ourselves, but still we fail. We think that nothing leads, but in reality fate has written our stories long ago.
Each second of our life is planned in his book of the living. But what if the system fails to work as it usually does? What if time doesnt flow as it usually does?
Whatever, it sucks anyway…” Thoughts of Daimon

The story shows the life of Daimon, a young man who suffers from depression since his childhood, living his “normal” life in a town, waiting for a purpose.
After an incident this “normal” life changes drastically and the journey starts, but this time not alone.

Its an modern 2D-RPG with a 3D environment with a mindblowing storyline. The biggest focus here is on the complexity of the storystructure and the interactive battlesystem, while each character has its own perspective, problems and goals.
We started with this game on RPG Maker, though to its story complexity and mechanic difficulties we have switched this project to unity.
It is in early development stage.

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