Bow Runner aims to take the spirit of the hand drawn war zones we all drew as kids, and turn it into a high score chasing, rampage against all who were not drawn on the right side of conflict. Run, Jump, Slide and Shoot your way through a procedural generated level. This is a game that will draw you in, and keep you wanting to go farther.

Although Bowrunner is not completed, we have published a free lite version to give you a taste of the game mechanics and environment. Future updates will increase functionality and add more content to the game, including:

Stage Mode: Adding individual levels to the game with final bosses to beat. There will also be rewards for killing bosses.
Skins, Music, Backgrounds, Menus, Stages, Enemies, Weapons and many others: Unlock customizations for your character by defeating special enemies and bosses!
Ingame currency: The ingame currency will be collected only in-game, which will be used as a way to unlock and upgrade different objects, like the ones mentioned above.

    We are strictly against microtransactions!

Powerups: Now and then, while beating the s*** out of the Highscores, you will be granted with Powerups to help you on your way to Topscore-Heaven.

And of course…
Highscore leaderboards: What would this game be without an online highscore leaderboard :b
More ways to gather point bonuses
Continuously updated: Every owner of the full version will get these updates for free. This includes all the features mentioned above and probably even more, depending on the needs of the community!


Bowrunner (Lite Version) is now available at for Windows phones and for Android!



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